Monday, 7 May 2012

Development of Change

A short post on changes and what is happening when change occurs.

When something is bad (or not good - enough) criticising for the sake of it is no going to help. CRITICISING should serve as a platform for true EXPLORATION and CHANGE.

It is important to realise that every change (especially every bigger change) has to be understood as a PROCESS not as a single ACTION.

PERSISTANCE and full AWARENESS of the process are inevitable during the development. And here is where strength of cooperation of human being comes in its full potential.

Some of us are good at persistence. So persistent and focused on the task that they might sometimes loose the bigger picture.
While others are great with keeping the full awareness of the situation happening. Although they might get lost in details of the tasks.

Hence.. Cooperation of such two individuals, have a great potential in achieving a successful change. Well, potentially any results really..
The beauty of the pair, which doesn't loose the full awareness while delivering the task step by step.

I use word potentially as there are many factors which might come into the equation ruining the so potentially firm relationship. Maybe some other post will eventually cover this topic..

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