Saturday, 12 May 2012

Looking at Psychological Stress in the Human Body from Medical Perspective

I believe that stress is the root cause of everything, all the changes in human body relates to stress one way or another. Internal stress, past trauma, external stress of our environment..

Ben Johnson (co-author of The Healing Codes) explained in one of his interviews, how stress is a production of our Central Nervous System (CNS)..

CNS consist of Autonomic Nervous System (ANS) with two subsystems, Sympathetic System and Parasympathetic System. The ANS is responsible for what is happening with body, which we don't intend (to do, to say etc.). This involve a control of our digestion system, toxins clearance, function of electrolyte balance managed by kidneys, skin temperature control, blood flow and heart rate. All the functions running at the background, to keep us alive.

Under the ANS, the Parasympathetic System manages all the ongoing need of the body in aim to keep healthy and well. While the Sympathetic System only has one purpose.. To save our lives no matter what, in moments of crisis or emergency! This system makes the body to fully shut down everything what Parasympathetic System manages. It can slow/stop digestions, reduce the amount of toxins cleared out and most importantly it can reduce/stop brain blood flow.

But what happens and when it happens that brain blood flow is reduced..?

According to Ben Johnson's explanation, the blood in certain brain parts is reduced when Sympathetic system takes over.. Blood gets shifted from brain frontal lobe (which manages thoughtful processes, creativity and motional sensors etc.) to lower parts of the brain which are so called Reflectic. These triggers extraordinary performance of our bodies, when we need it (at the uncontrolled moments of danger or in controlled moments of maximum performance). So that we can jump higher or run much faster. Essentially this is reaction of body to achieve whatever is necessary to survive in next few minutes.

This function is important for our being. Only if it is utilised for few minutes once in a while. However, we are running into a serious problems, when we start living in this state for prolonged time. In has a profound impact on our being mentally (essentially not being able to function) as well as physiologically. For example on nutritional side, our body is not fuelling and cleaning our cells in proper way (no movement of energy in and out of the body). In this state, the Immune System takes a direct order to shut down. Making our body prone to external impacts, while leading to Immune System disorder. Academically, I have largely came across expression FIGHT & FLIGHT mode. 

Our bodies are very capable of performing this when necessary. However, prolonged state of Sympathetic System order to shut down leads to.. No need to explain more I believe..

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